About sarah

Bae Area Beauty is a blog dedicated to being a source of knowledge and inspiration for women and young girls who love all things beauty! Here, Sarah shares her thoughts and tips on makeup, skincare and life. 

Ever since she was young, Sarah has been obsessed with all things beauty. Other than being self taught for most of her adult life, she had the opportunity to work for Clinique and Chanel both as a business manager and freelance artist for years before making the jump into the technology industry.

Sarah is originally from San Francisco and has lived there her whole life. She believes it’s the best city in the world and feels fortunate to have grown up in such an innovative and diverse place - not to mention the amazing food, fashion, and natural beauty around the city!

Sarah and her husband met in college (he played lacrosse and she played volleyball) and they have been together ever since. They have a fur child, Wilbur, their rescue Westie terrier.

Photo by Megan Bagaman Photography

Photo by Megan Bagaman Photography