5 Cold Weather Hair Care Tips


New hair don’t care! Remember when I thought I wouldn’t go any darker? Well, I surprised myself at my last appointment where I took the plunge and hopped on the #BlondeRoast hair that’s trending this Fall.

Although I am loving Bay Area’s Indian Summer, I know that cold weather months are just around the corner. It never gets too cold here, it is enough to change my hair. To combat the cold weather woes I wanted to share my tips to keep your hair and scalp healthy!

  1. Shampoo less - I know, I know, easier said than done. I wash my hair 2x a week max and it really makes a difference. You have to train your hair to get used to this, I promise it gets easier! When you do wash your hair make sure you’re using a clarifying shampoo. For years I’ve sworn by Nioxin - it’s removes excess sebum (bleh!) without stripping hair. This creates a healthy scalp and prevents fall out! I usually rotate this with a purple shampoo.

  2. Commit to a weekly hair treatment - My favorite treatment is Olaplex Hair Perfector 3. This stuff WORKS. It’s different than your average hair mask as it works to repair the protein bonds vs. simply adding moisture. It’s worth every penny! After just one use I noticed a difference.

  3. Cut down on heat styling time - Pretty straightforward, the less heat you apply, the less damage. Other than using a heat protectant spray, I recommend a Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Serum. It seals in moisture AND helps your hair air dry faster. Quick drying = less damage.

  4. Don’t forget your to use a hydrating serum - While there are tons of serums on the market, I’ve kept coming back to this one for years. It helps with frizz, adds shine and makes styling much easier. Garnier has a great price point and a little bit goes a long way!

  5. Exfoliate - Probably the easiest thing to overlook! New favorite purchase of mine has been the Scalp and Body Scrub by Ouai. The scent is UNREAL and unlike anything else. SO GOOD. The primary ingredient is coconut oil so it’s great for hair and body.



What are your cold weather tips?

xx Sarah

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