Every Girl's Must Have Carry On Items

Hi babes! 

Took some major time off from the blog and excited to say I’M BAAACCKKK! December was such a crazy busy time with my full time job, and then the holidays happened. Next thing I knew I was hopping on a plane for our Euro Trip! I’m finally “caught up” (is one ever truly, caught up though?). 

It was cold in Europe this time of year, but it felt so festive and Christmas-y which is sort of what I wanted. San Francisco has about two climates year round, so it was nice to switch it up and actually put my puffy jacket to use.  Separate post in the works for all our favorite bars, restaurants and sites!

Below are just a few of my favorite pics from the trip along with my must have items for every trip! These carry on items SAVED me. They’ll help show you up to your destination looking and feeling your best.

Baby Wet Brush

I’m so in love with my full size wet brush so when I travel I make sure to bring my mini. How cute is this one? It’s tiny so takes up hardly any room in my bag and love that it has a foldable mirror! A few quick swipes will help refresh any bed head. I always say, your face (for the most part) will look the same, but having good hair will instantly make you look pulled together. 

Hydrating Mask 

Okay, so it’s no secret I’m addicted to face masks. I don’t discriminate, love them all.  It’s one of the best ways to fight dehydration because they allow your skin to slowly absorb the product over an extended period of time. Not gonna lie, I’ve scared small children before wearing the full mask…pero anything for good skin 😉 I’m obsessed with Sephora Brand’s masks. They have so many delicious scents and the price point is so reasonable. I’ve tried many masks and find the quality of these is great! If you aren’t keen on the full face mask they also have eye patches that are equally as effective with fighting fatigued under eyes. I’ll usually opt for these since they’re easier and I usually like to travel with a little mascara and brows.  

If sheet masks aren’t your thing, an easy moisturizing mask will do the trick. My favorite comes in a 1 oz travel size jar. The best part is that this can massaged into the skin so you don’t have to worry about removing it. 

Essential Oils 

My lifesavers! I always make sure to bring a travel size of lavender and peppermint. With all the timezone changes it can be a nice supplement to melatonin or espresso.  I did a whole post on my favorite essential oils here.

Jade Roller or Facial Tool 

I made sure to use my roller everrrry day while traveling. I was consuming an obscene amount of pizza, pasta and wine so lymphatic drainage was a must in order to reduce puffiness and increase circulation. Since my favorite rose quartz roller broke (I’m still not over it) I’ve switched to a gua sha tool instead. It’s made of the same stone, but less fragile. It’s perfectly shaped to match the natural contours of the face so it literally can sweep out all toxins and bloat from your face. Even my hubby is using it now.

Laneige Lip Mask 

The hype is real for this lip mask. I’ve never used another product like it. Although it’s technically a mask, I use it as a balm, I can’t get enough! It’s slightly thicker than most chapsticks so it actually stays put. The main ingredients are vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. It’s SO good for locking in moisture and the best prep for lipstick and the berry scent is so yummy.

Next up is NOLA for my birthday! Ever been? Leave me a comment with your favorite things to do!