October Skincare Empties & Mini Reviews


I know I can’t be the only one who gets a sense of accomplishment after finishing up a full jar/tube/bottle of anything. I feel proud every time! These are my October skincare empties, hope you enjoy! xx

Rodan & Fields Night Cream - Hands down my favorite night cream ever! From my days at Nordies, I got to try SO many different creams (literally think I’ve tried one from almost every brand they carry). Of all the creams out there, I keep coming back to this one.

I love that it’s intensely moisturizing but not too thick and doesn’t leave my skin greasy feeling. The scent is minimal and not overpowering. 

I know there’s some stigma around Rodan & Fields (I’ll admit I was skeptical at first!) but after I got the chance to try their products I realized their stuff WORKS.

Scent 8/10

Price 8/10

Texture 10/10

Results 10/10

Overall 10/10

Repurchase? YES, I think this will be my go to for a long time. I’m always testing new products but this will probably remain my holy grail.

Shiseido Benefiance Day Emulsion - As you can see, I clearly used the whole bottle of this but I can’t say I was ever excited to use it. (Yes, I am the type person that actually gets excited to use skincare!) The texture is light but still moisturizing enough for my dry skin. It has an spf 18 (better than nothing!) and an easy to use pump. Especially in the morning I liked that it has a pump rather than a jar or tube since I’m half asleep while applying.

Scent 7/10 Does not have a strong scent

Price 6/10 I feel like it is overpriced for the results it gave, but is considered a “luxury” brand

Texture 7/10 Light but moisturizing!

Results 6/10

Overall 6.5/10

Repurchase? Maybe

Coola Makeup Setting Spray spf 30 - Le sigh. This one definitely falls into the category of items I will never repurchase. I wish I returned it! It’s an epic fail that the product does not evenly spray. I’d find myself going through this so quickly despite using it only a handful of times.

I really wanted to like this product but just couldn’t. The smell is super chemical-y that lasted long after spraying. It would also slightly sting my skin…eek! I’m all for some sizzle (post to come on my favorite peels and exfoliators) but not the type of feeling I want in a setting spray!

Scent 2/10 Smells like sunscreen, bleh

Price 4/10

Texture 2/10 Would spray unevenly and leave residue marks on my face

Results 3/10

Overall 2/10

Repurchase? No

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil  - Kiehl’s never lets me down! Every time I use this it feels like a spa experience. The smell is amazing and takes the whole day off, I love it! This is the first step in my multi step cleansing regime.

Scent 9/10 Ugh I love it

Price 7/10

Texture 10/10

Results 10/10

Overall 9/10

Repurchase? Yes

Dior Addict Lip Sugar Scrub - This lip scrub is oh so bougie and amazing. It’s a good balance of exfoliating (but not too scrubby) while still moisturizing. It’s the perfect primer for lipstick! It leaves behind a subtle pinky shade. Love using this product, but it does not compare to an actual lip scrub.

Scent 8/10 It doesn’t really have a strong scent

Price 5/10 Dior prices apply, enough said

Texture 9/10

Results 7/10

Overall 8/10

Repurchase? Maybe

St. Tropez Self Tan Purity Water Bronzing Mousse - Love this stuff! Unlike many other self tanners, this stuff actually smells amazing. If you’re used to using other products from St Tropez, the color pay off on this one is not as dark bc there are no bronzers in it. 

Scent 10/10 Hibiscus goodness is oh so amazing

Price 6/10 Doesn’t break the bank, but there are other tanners out there less expensive

Texture 10/10 The foam makes it much easier to apply

Results 9/10 Gives a more subtle glow, great for regular use

Overall 9/10

Repurchase? Yes

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