Full Review OleHenriksen Glow2OH Spot Toner

Hi babes! 

Okay so I wanted to share my thoughts on one of my recent additions to my nightly routine and GUYS I am obsessed with this toner! I’ve always liked OleHenriksen products (especially their Truth Serum and Power Peel) but this one takes the cake.

I admit, it was an epic fail that I forgot to take a before picture. Honestly I wasn’t expecting to see results as quickly as I did. We’ve all got that one spot or scar somewhere that we wish would just disappear and mine is right above my right eyebrow. It’s been there as long as I can remember!

After using this for just ONE WEEK I started to see a difference. I was SHOOK. Only a few other times I’ve seen results that fast with a product.

The first 4 days I actually noticed my spots getting slightly darker - this is normal for some brightening products since they increase cell turnover. The spots get darker as they are brought to the surface of the skin and eventually exfoliated off. Good riddance!

What it is - A toner packed full of AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids). The primary ones being lactic and glycolic. This is perfect for anyone that has sunspots or scarring, it will help fade all that real quick! 

How to use - After cleansing, soak a cotton ball or round and swipe all over your face and neck. This will prep skin for your serum and moisturizer perfectly. You always want your skin slightly damp (but not soaked!) when you apply serum. Like attracts like and slightly damp skin will pull the serum deeper into the skin.  You should always wear SPF, but even more so when using AHAs/BHAs!

Packaging - 3/5 It’s in a 6.5 oz bottle, which is a decent size, however my only complaint is that I wish it had either a pump or was a more flexible bottle. Not a deal breaker at all, (this stuff is gold) but I’d love it even more if it had a different dispenser. My routine can be pretty high maintenance, but when it comes to packaging I like things easy.

Price - 4/5 $28 for 6.5 oz isn’t going to be the cheapest toner on the market, but why pay for something if it doesn’t work right?

Texture/How it feels - 5/5  Lightweight, leaves skin feeling refreshed and tingly in a good way. It has this amazing cistrus-y fresh scent too, so good!

Results - 5/5  Again, I really have not used many other products that deliver noticeable results this quick.

Overall  - 4.25 Definitely will be a repurchase for me! Thinking about getting a pump dispenser to use with this instead. Too good of a product, only downside is the packaging imo. Highly recommend, will update this post once I finish the bottle!

IMPORTANT! - I don’t recommend using this product with vitamin C products, at least not at the same time. Vitamin C is essentially an acid, so layering it with AHAs and BHAs is bit much, plus they sort of cancel each other out. Don’t worry, nothing horrible will happen, they just won’t be effective. You can totally use them at different times (my day lotion has vitamin C in it) but definitely avoid layering these to get maximum results!

Hope this helps! Let me know what else you’d like review wise xoxo

Sarah BagamanComment