Budget Friendly Summer Beauty Favorites

Summertime is the perfect reason to revisit your skincare needs and switch things up a bit. I’ve partnered with Walmart to share some of my favorite summer products that will give you that extra boost but also take it easy on your wallet!

Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post. As always opinions are my own and stick to the ethos of Bae Area Beauty.

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Clinique All About Eyes Depuffing Serum

Packaging - 5/5 It’s sleek, easy and the cooling rollerball helps with increasing circulation. Not to mention the little touch of cold helps wake me up in the morning!

Price - 4/5 Clinique products are always reasonable in my opinion especially for prestige products.

Texture - 4/5 It’s a lightweight serum that’s fast absorbing. I’ll usually layer with an eye cream for an added boost of hydration.

Overall - 4.5/5 Great value and a must have!

Repurchase? Yes! Already on my 3rd rollerball Love this product. Bonus points for being travel friendly!


Garnier Skinactive Soothing Mist

Packaging - 5/5 Slim bottle that isn’t too tall, fits nicely in my cabinet.

Price - 5/5 STEAL OF A DEAL

Scent - 5/5 This was actually not a rose-y as I expected it to be, but still really liked it. It has cleaner scent to it, less floral.

Overall - 5/5 Great value! I’ve been keeping this at my desk at work for mid day spritzes because we can never be okay with dull skin obviously ;)

Repurchase? Maybe. Despite getting solid 5s across the board, I don’t know if I would rush to repurchase ONLY because I have about 3 other face mists I’m currently using. One can never have too many! There’s so many face mists out there I’m wanting to try, so for that reason alone I’m giving this one a Maybe.

Garnier SkinActive Refreshing Remover Makeup Wipes

Packaging - 5/5 This pack is actually designed WAY better than most makeup wipe packs. The plastic lid is made in a way where it’s meant to be bent - so that long term it stays adhered to the pack. I mean, without this the next thing you know, your makeup wipes are spilling out all over your gym bag because the cover fell off! It’s the little things like this I appreciate with package design.

Price - 5/5

Scent - 4/5 Peppermint fruity goodness.

Overall - 5/5

Repurchase? Yes! Is it just me, or is Garnier one of the brands that every girl started with when she first started using beauty products? The cute little green packages are just as iconic as the refreshing scent all their products have. Garnier has so many amazing products for every skin/hair type, it’s one of my drugstore go tos!

St. Tropez Self Tanner Luxe Dry Oil

Packaging - 5/5 It’s a pretty, sleek, glass bottle. Just looks bougie sitting on my shelf and I love it.

Price - 3/5 For almost $50 it’s not cheap that’s for sure.

Texture - 4/5 A little goes a long way. Since it is an oil, it can easily get a little messy if you apply too much at once. And by messy I mean dripping down your hands and all over the floor if you aren’t careful! Definitely recommend starting with less than you think you need. Remember it’s always easy to add more as you go.

Results - 4/5 The color payoff is instant which is always nice. This product DOES have some shimmer to it. Not like over the top disco shimmer, but a subtle gold glow. I like it, but know shimmer isn’t for everyone hence the 4. Photos below are after one application.

Overall - 4/5

Repurchase? Maybe. I really like this product - the color pay off is great and gives your skin an instant glow. Perfect for that tropical getaway, but there are so many tanners out there that I want to try first so may be while before repurchasing.


Dr. Althea Natural Brightening Sheet Masks

Packaging - 4/5 My only complaint is that each mask is packaged individually. While it’s convenient, it’s not the most eco friendly. It would be nice if they had the option to buy in bulk where they were in one container to allow for less waste.

Price - 5/5 Great value at under $3 per mask.

Texture - 5/5 These masks are awesome because they have a bit of grip to them. You know how some sheet masks are constantly moving around your face? Literally the worst thing, but NOT THESE! Once I set this mask in place it stayed. LOVE.

Overall - 5/5 I’m so glad I found these! Always love a great K-Beauty find!

Repurchase? Yes 100%

Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner
Packaging - 5/5 it has a nozzle that makes it easy to dispense to a cotton ball. No spills!

Price - 5/5 Super value for how much product you get.

Texture - 5/5 Love it also love the slight sizzle it gives after applying. Means it working!

Overall - 5/5

Repurchase? Maybe! I will come back to this product but have been eyeing some other AHA/BHA toners on the market. Just a matter of time before I circle back.



These three products are my current combo for keeping my hair moisturized and healthy! Most times I will layer them one after another (Paul Mitchell, It’s a 10, then Olaplex last). I know I know, super extra of me (but would you expect anything else at this point?)

It’s a 10 Leave in Treatment

Packaging - 5/5 The bottle is not too big so does not take up too much real estate in the highly coveted top shelf of my cabinet. It also has a spray nozzle for easy dispensing.

Price - 4/5 For a small bottle is almost $20 but still well worth it! A little goes a long way.

Texture - 5/5 Not too thick in consistency so a little bit goes a long way. I usually use about 5 sprays (into hands first) and then through focusing on the ends.

Overall - 5/5

Repurchase? YES. Wow, I don’t know if I’ve ever given straight 5’s across the board for any product. I really can’t think of anything I’d improve, this is SO GOOD. It smells amazing (slightly tropical/floral but not overpowering) and does wonders for my hair.

Olaplex Bond Smoother No.6

Packaging - 5/5 Little baby bottle is cute.

Price - 3/5 Considering it’s a little baby bottle the price tag can give me pause at times but then I remember the results which makes me feel better.

Texture - 4/5 SHE THICC! This is close to a balm consistency, so I usually apply to my palms first and warm it up in my hands before applying.

Results - 5/5 Despite being a little pricier, this is a holy grail product for sure. A little bit goes a long way so you can totally make the bottle last a while.

Repurchase? Yes, Olapex is life forever and always.

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum

Packaging - 5/5 Tall skinny package with pump. Easy peasy.

Price - 5/5 Great value considering how long it lasts.

Texture - 5/5 Serum consistency.

Overall - 5/5 I really like this serum. It’s great for summer months/humidity and helps keep frizz at bay. It also is known for helping hair dry faster which is great because less blow dry time the better!

Repurchase? Yes


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Ardell Lashes - Wispies

Packaging - 4/5 Overall good, but would like them even more if they were a little less flimsy and better for travel.

Price - 5/5 Can’t beat the value here a pack of a 5 - it’s a STEAL.

Wear - 5/5 I can wear these all day with no itchy or heavy feeling.

Overall - 5/5 Wear these all day, everyday.

Repurchase? YES. These are my holy grail lashes (trust me I’ve tried so many) and my go tos for everyday wear. I wear them so often that most people assume I have lash extensions because they look so real but give the perfect amount of lash drama I need. I love that the band is very thin and clear so it doesn’t look too heavy on the lid. Nothing worse than having super fake looking lash, you know?

NARS Lipgloss

Packaging - 5/5 Always a pet peeve when lip gloss packages are too thick/bulky. These sleek little tube is oh so cute and fits easily in a small clutch for a night out.

Price - 4/5 Like any prestige brand will be a little pricier but well worth it imo.

Texture - 3.5/5 This gloss definitely has staying power (stays through my hot Pilates class) but wish it was slightly more moisturizing. I also have super dry skin, so if this may not be a concern for everyone.)

Overall - 4/5 Easy shade for summer and goes with all looks!

Repurchase? Maybe! Love the color but there are very few glosses I use full up fully so we shall see!

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer in Fair

Packaging - 3/5 It has a sponge tip applicator which kinda absorbs some of the product. Not a big deal, but would prefer a tube or doe foot applicator for more precision.

Price - 5/5 I mean, such a good deal.

Texture - 5/5 Thin light weight consistency.

Overall - 4/5 The coverage is what I would call medium. It definitely sits nicely on the under eye area but wish the coverage was just a wee bit more! This is great for summer time though because the last thing you want it to have cakey, creasy concealer lines. The heat always tests my makeup staying power and this one definitely passes the test!

Repurchase? Maybe.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz - Taupe

Packaging - 3/5 I’ve used these for years and have had some break on me :(

Price - 3/5 Not inexpensive but very worth it.

Formula - 5/5 This is hands down one of the best pencils I’ve ever used. It’s micro - thin so you can really get precise. I love the brush on the other end too, helps keep them brows in check!

Overall - 4/5 Holy grail for brows!

Repurchase? Already got my next one ready to go.

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