The Products That Always Get Me Compliments

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Hope everyone’s having a good week so far. This weeks post is all about my cult favorite products. The ones that I’ve bought over and over, gifted to friends, constantly talk about. Yes, I’m that obsessed with each one of these.


Olaplex Everyone needs a little Olaplex in their lives! This treatment is unlike others as it actually helps repair the bond of broken/damaged hair unlike masks that add moisture. It’s so important for anyone that color treats their hair - my blonde hair needs it fo sho. If you’re looking to moisturize I recommend weaving another hydrating mask into the mix as well, I talk more about haircare tips here.

Beach Waver Curling Iron - Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by a curling iron! This is so me. I was never able to master using a regular iron until this one. I always used my straightener to curl my hair and having a good wand makes such a difference. They make these in a few different sizes, I use the 1.25 inch barrel for big full curls. It’s really fool proof and shortens my hair styling to 10 minutes tops. Should I do a tut on this? Been thinking about it…

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray - My goal is to have my hair looking like it’s full of secrets, Gretchen Weiners style (last Mean Girls reference, promise). This smell is intoxicating it’s seriously SO SO good and gives hair that oomph it needs without weighing it down. This is usually my last step in the process before I do a little hand tousling. Works like a charm every time.

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In - This is an OG product, been using this since high school and I keep coming back! It’s a great leave in conditioner that’s not too heavy plus it smells amazing. I use the classic formula but they’ve since added new variations for different hair concerns.

Oribe Shine Spray - On day 3 or 4 hair I’m usually needing a little shine boost so give a quick spritz of this all over, focusing on the ends only so it doesn’t look oily!



First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Intensive Peel - My ultimate skincare secret! I’m like a guinea pig for all kinds of peels and I can say this one is the best of the best! If you’ve tried the Drunk Elephant Sukari Babyfacial, it’s similar but half the price! It’s packed with AHAs that gently exfoliate skin and combats fine line and wrinkles. All you need to do is apply to clean skin 1-2x a week for 5 minutes tops to start seeing results. If you haven’t done many peels before, I’d start with 1x week to train you skin to the extra boost in exfoliation.

Clarisonic - I wrote a whole post on double cleansing and always use my Clarisonic in the second step. It just gives that extra boost in cleansing, who doesn’t love a good scrub down you know? It’s made by the same brand who created the Sonic Care toothbrush so you know it’s good.

Summer Fridays R&R Mask - This is a brand new mask really checks off all the boxes for me. If I could bottle up a spa experience in a tube it would be this product. It’s main ingredient is Bulgarian Rose (naturally I’m obsessed). It’s brightens, moisturizes and gently exfoliates the skin all in one. It leaves behind a light kiss of oil on the skin which gives you a great glow.

MAC Fix Plus Rose - You all know how I feel about rose scented anything, so no questions here :) This is the last step with my makeup, it helps seal in everything, hydrates and gives a subtle glow. Plus it smells amazing.

Sephora Sheet Mask - I’m so happy the sheet mask trend has really taken off. There’s so many great options out there but I always come back to the Sephora brand masks - they’re such a good price point and really do a great job. My favorite is the watermelon after sun mask. It comes with a chest mask in the same pack so you can be glowing from the chest up okkkk


The one thing I’ll never leave the house without is perfume! These are the best ones that always get me the question “What perfume are you wearing??”

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre - My signature scent. I’ve worn this since it came out in 2010, it’s seriously the best thing ever. It’s fruity and floral, perfect for every occasion with grapefruit, jasmine and white musk notes.

Coco Mademoiselle - This is my winter fragrance since it’s a little heavier. It’s classified as an oriental with bergamot, orange, rose and white musks. It’s sweet, sultry but not overpowering.

Gabrielle Chanel - Do I have an affinity for this bc of the name? Maaayybeee :) This perfume is actually based off an imaginary flower with a blend of four white flowers, ylang ylang and orange blossom. It’s named after Coco Chanel’s real name. The bottle is simple and looks beautiful on my vanity.

Jo Malone Nectarine Honey Blossom & Honey - UGH this epitomizes Spring to me. I will layer this with the body oil sometimes if I’m really feeling bougie. It’s the perfect peachy sweet fragrance.

YSL Mon Paris - Such a sexy fragrance! This has Flowerbomb vibes for sure, but slightly sweeter. Top notes with berries and pear, balanced out with a white musk and patchouli makes it so yummy and a great date night fragrance.

Ouai Melrose Place - So sad that this was limited edition! This is my everyday perfume. Great for work, running errands, all of it! Notes of champagne, berries, white musk and bergamot. It smells just like their hair and body oil and the body scrub which is unlike anything I’ve ever smelled before. It’s SO unique and just smells rich and fancy af. They also just launched a new hair and body shine mist which I am dying to try to round out my collection. I love what Jen Atkin is doing!


YSL Glossy Stain in Wet Nude - One of the only lip glosses I’ve actually gone through tubes of! This has the same ingredient they use to spray apples with (weird I knnow!) but it’s great for hydration and shine. There’s a ton of colors but this is the perfect pinky nude imo. It’s beautiful by itself but it’s also light enough to wear on top of your favorite lipstick to give more staying power and high shine.

Buxom Lip Cream in Sangria - I wrote a full review on this formula a while back :) It’s the perfect shade of berry that instantly pulls together any look. The tube looks way darker than it actually goes on. Super moisturizing too!

Lush Lip Scrub - Seriously THE best lippy scrub out there right now. They have so many yummy flavors to choose from - I’m loving the Mint Julips. How cute is the name? It’s a sugar scrub made of 100% natural ingredients so if you consume a little, it’s totally fine. After using this my lips actually feel more moisturized right away, before I even put lip balm on.

Laneige - Everyone needs this in their life. It’s seriously the best lip balm and beautiful even by itself. The hype is real on this one, I promise!

MAC Lipstick in Snob - The perfect pink shade!

Fenty Glossbomb in Fenty Glow - Most lip products tend to turn more pink on me, this gloss included. Of all my glosses this is the one I get the most questions about. Random women on the bus have stopped me to ask what shade it is.



One can never have too much highlight, at least no in the right places ;) One of my favorite steps in my makeup routine is the part where I can apply highlight. The instant POP it gives is so gratifying.

Tarte Proglow Palette - My everyday palette. Seriously such a great value - it comes with four different highlights and two contour options.

Nars highlight in Fort de France - An amazing silvery pearl highlight, goes with most of my daily looks. Fail proof!

Benefit Porefessional Pearl Primer - This is a tried and true primer of mine, it gives a glowy pearl - like glow and helps smooth the look of pores. Also a big fan of their mattifying formula for days when I’m feeling like I need shine control. Both smell like peachy goodness!

YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer - Another great one for boosting radiance. It’s actually got these tiny gold flecks in it and goes on super smooth. I used this one a ton when we were in Europe. The weather was so cold my skin needed that extra boost of moisture. Plus how beautiful is the bottle!

Lancome Teint Idole Foundation - Also did a full product review here. This has become my daily foundation, it’s so well rounded and gives great coverage but still looks like skin.

Chanel Vitalumiere Foundation - For days I want less coverage this is IT! I wear shade 20 Beige. Chanel crafts their foundation shades to have either a yellow or pinky undertone. My skin has both undertones and can wear both but opt for the yellow undertone, I find it’s almost always more flattering for those that are in between.

Farsali Skin Blur - Really makes anything you put on top of it look airbrushed and glowy. It can also be used alone since it’s technically a serum primer or mixed with your foundation.


First of all, you need a good hand cream in your life. It’s just one of those things that so many people overlook until it’s too late. Not to be morbid, but hands show age just as much as your face! Nowadays everyone protects their face but forgets their hands. I’ve been loving the Chanel Hand Creme and it’s cute little egg packaging is oh so cute. I also really love Jo Malone’s classic hand cream. It’s vitamin E rich and smells amazing. I’ve got the world’s driest hands so having a good hand cream is v important.

I’ve got a drawer full of a bunch of fun colors (dying to find a good neon green - any recs?) however I find myself rotating these classics over and over.

Dark/Edgy - OPI Lincoln Park After Dark or Chanel Vamp

Red - OPI Big Apple Red

Pink - OPI Mod About You or Chanel Nuvola Rosa

Neutral - OPI Bubble Bath or Chanel Ballerina

What are your favorite products? I’d love to hear what’s most flattering on you.

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