Tips for Wearing a Bright Lip


Of all the things I love about makeup, wearing a bright punchy lip color has got to be one of my favorites. Especially with tanned skin and highlight, it just can’t be beat!

The other day at Sephora, I tried on a Tom Ford Lip Lacquer, specifically the bright fuchsia shade Infatuation. A random woman complimented me on how it looked - I later saw her trying it on and it looked amazing on her! So I forfeited the last shade of Infatuation that I had in my basket. She loved it more than I did, I wanted her to have it. (But best believe I’ve already got it saved in my Sephora cart okkurrrr!) 😛 That’s one of the reasons I love makeup so much, it’s like an instant mood booster. It’s a well known fact, when you look good, you feel good.

Finding the perfect shade is such an accomplishment in itself, so if you’ve already got your holy grail lipsticks then you’re one step ahead. Today I am breaking down how to rock a bright lip and make sure it stays looking good all day xo

Tips for rocking a bright lip

  1. Exfoliate - This is tip #1 for a reason! Nothing will ever look good on dry chapped lips! In fact, most people who suffer from dry lips just need to exfoliate more so that balms can actually absorb! My favorite scrub is Lush’s Mint Julips.

  2. Hydrate - Next up is hydration. I ALWAYS default to my tried and true balm, but have also had great success with good ol’ Vaseline. Make sure you give enough time for a balm to absorb so that the lipstick can adhere not slip off!

  3. Q-Tips for the win - This is an important step to prevent lipstick from getting on your teeth. I use them to tidy up the edges of lips AND to get the inside of the lips. Some may advise using your finger for this, but who wants to get lipstick on their finger? May as well grab a couple Q-Tips for a quick clean up!

  4. Start with liners and liquids - Liners and liquid lippies are the gateway drug for lipsticks. They’re much easier to jump right into vs. a regular lipstick because they can be applied much more precisely and are more forgiving. Nothing worse than wearing a bold, bright lip with rough edges and uneven lines! Sometimes I will simply wear a bright liner all over my lips and add a gloss on top. It gives the same color pop and is easier to apply and touch up.

  5. Choose colors wisely - It’s important for every woman to have her go to shades, but if you’re still on the hunt for the right ones, I recommend trying out Sephora’s shade finder tool. You can virtually try on different lip colors to see how they pair with your skin tone. Of course, it’s always best to go into the store to try them on. My Fave Lip Combos here! Trendy colors are fun and all, but if you are not yet comfortable rocking a bright lip, I’d find your perfect shade first!

  6. Don’t forget to blot and reapply - Before you finish off your look, always give a quick dab to your lips. I usually use a napkin or tissue, whatever’s handy. This removes any access product that can bleed or smear.

  7. Keep the rest of your makeup minimal - I like to keep the rest of my look simple with less eye makeup, usually just liner on the upper lid and lashes of course. A bright lip can be a little more high maintenance, so the less other stuff you wear, the less to worry about touching up.

  8. ROCK THAT LEWK HONEY - A bright lip will definitely attract more attention so remember confidence is key!


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