How to Look Your Best on a Tropical Vacation

Happy Summertime babes!

My recent trip to Puerto Vallarta inspired today’s post - Nick and I just got back from a 4th of July getaway. We stayed at the amazing Hotel Mousai, the only Five Diamond Resort in Puerto Vallarta. It’s located in the Garza Blanca Preserve where we’ve stayed a few times before however this was our first time at the Mousai and boy was it perfection. Highly recommend - everything about it is amazing. From the world class staff, to all inclusive everything, roof top infinity pool, 360 degree jungle views, ah I could on and on!

It was an amazing trip as usual but it was HOT! Whenever I travel to tropical climates I have to rethink my daily routine. For starters, nothing sounds worse than wearing layers of makeup in 90 degree humid weather, amiright? Not to mention, a nice pop of color on the lips gives ultimate tropical vibes.

Tips for the perfect tropical look

  1. Less is more. Vacation is not the time to try something new and over the top - at least not for makeup! Traveling can be hectic enough so I recommend keeping your look fuss free and easy. Plus, you will likely be taking a ton of pics. You’ll want to look and feel your best with a look you know works for you. The key thing here is less is more! Take your daily look and see if you can eliminate something from it. Used to a smokey eye? Maybe ditch the shadow for the beach and just sweep some bronzer on the lid instead. Keeping it simple will be better for your sanity AND your look.

  2. Waterproof your life. When I travel the last thing I want to worry about it my makeup running down my face. Makeup staying put is a must! Waterproofing everything you can - mascara, concealer, brows, etc will definitely help.

  3. Enhance your glow. I usually ditch my traditional powder blush and swap it for a cream or liquid formula. It will still give you that boost while enhancing the natural glow of your skin. Same goes for my highlight - you know I always have to have my blinding highlight!

  4. Exfoliate. Before I hit the beach, I always exfoliate head to toe. This includes a dry brushing, topical scrub and finished up with a loofah to really get in there. If you aren’t used to regular exfoliation this may be a too much, but you should definitely do at least SOME exfoliation.

  5. Hydrate. This is v important! A healthy glow starts from the inside out. Make sure you’re drinking enough water. When I’m feeling dehydrated my go to move is to add Drip Drop to my water. Works like a charm and that watermelon flavor is the

  6. (Faux) Tan It. I’m all about a good faux tan from head to toe. I always love how my face looks with a little more color, but not too much. Just the right about of bronze-y glow makes everything look better. I’ve been OBSESSED with this dry tanning oil lately. I’ll transfer some to a travel friendly container for a trip, because I can never not be tan on vacay! More on tips for the perfect tan here.

What you should bring

  • A bright lippie - A bright lippie instantly pulls together any look. One of the BEST lip glosses are the YSL Glossy Stains. These are like magic - they stay all day and moisturize the lips. They’re also not sticky like other glosses can be. I have yet to find another formula like it!

  • CC cream or tinted moisturizer - I love the Chanel CC, it has SPF 50 and gives a beautiful dewy finish. A little bit goes a long way too! If CCs and BBs aren’t your thing, a tinted moisturizer is a must. Both provide a glowy finish and supplement your daily SPF needs - ditch your regular foundation if you can!

  • Facial mist or powder with SPF - Proper sun protection is all about reapplication. I’m a vampire and never venture into direct sun (gone are the days where I have a real tan!) but since I’m paranoid about premature aging I reapply SPF like my life depends on it. I love a good mist or quick swipe of a powder brush. Pro tip - Use the brush on your hair line and part to avoid a gunky product buildup in your hair!

  • Makeup primer with SPF - V important to layer that SPF babes. This is one of my favorites because it doubles as primer too.

  • Facial roller - I don’t know about you, but when I’m on vacation it’s like calories don’t exist. I’ll treat myself to all the yummy food and drinks. I can be a little puffy in the mornings, so jade rolling is perfect to get the circulation going and helps with lymphatic drainage. Even the hubby is now asking for the jade roller in the mornings! #soproud

What are your favorite vacation destinations? Tell me in the comments! xo

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