Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam and Sultry Palettes Review and Swatches


Okay, so you all have probably heard about Anastasia Beverly Hills and her amazing line of beauty products amirite? 

I’ve been a long time fan of her brow pencils and powder, but only recently have started using her eyeshadows...late to the party on this one! 

I was so excited for these bad boys. The packaging is to die to for and I love that you’ve got everything you need to create a complete look with each palette. It’s always a pet peeve of mine when palettes don’t have it all. By “all” I mean a good mix of mattes and shimmers, a light neutral shade and a dark/black shade. Luckily, both of these have it all ;)

Each palette also comes with a double sided brush. Honestly the brush quality was just okay, I had quite a few bristles fall out. I’d recommend using your regular favorites to create a perfect look.


Soft Glam

Between the two palettes Soft Glam is definitely getting more use. It has more mattes and soft shimmers that are easier for me to work into everyday rotation. Since I’m so fair, I was a little nervous at first because it has way more warm tones (oranges/burnt siennas shades) than I usually use. But man, this palette is everything!! Super versatile, in fact it shed light on the fact that I’m seriously lacking with warmer tones in my current repertoire. So glad I got it.

Tempera and Dusty Rose are hands down my favorite shades!

First Row:

Tempera - A perfectly creamy neutral bone shade with very subtle shimmer. Perfect for under the brow without being too shimmery.

Glistening - The name says it all, very easily to blend this peachy/golden tone.

Orange Soda - This shade helped remind me how much I love a good matte peach for blending

Rose Pink - Barbie shimmery pink

Sultry - This is the case cover the the actual Sultry palette! It’s a shimmery cranberry, super smooth.

Bronze - Shimmery gold

Mulberry - Matte cranberry shade

Second Row:

Dusty Rose - I love this color! Perfect blend of matte deep pink/purple. IMO, this is one of the most versatile shades in the whole palette.

Fairy - Gorgeous light gold with slight shimmer

Burnt Orange - Lovee this color too! Matte light orangey brown (similar to MAC’s Light Brown but more orange)

Sienna - Matte terracotta

Rustic - Matte burnt brown/orange

Cyprus Umber - Muted matte cool tone brown

Noir - Blackest matte black

Soft Glam swatches

Soft Glam swatches


Sultry comes in a magenta glitter covered case, it’s oh so glam. You’ll see, the main difference between the two, is that Sultry has more shimmery and glittery shades compared to matte. One can tell it was made with a deep smoky eye in mind, every shade has such great color payoff.

Pearl and Twig have been my faves, but can’t wait to use Bloom more. I’m thinking in Spring it will make more of appearance.

First Row:

Fresh - Matte bone shade

Pearl - GORGEOUS shimmery oyster. I love using this for a halo look, it compliments any shade perfectly.

Steampunk - Love this name! It’s a super pigmented shimmery bronze

Rose Quartz - Shimmery coral rose with gold undertones

Ember - This looks lighter in the palette but the color payoff is WOW! Pretty greenish golden brown with gold shimmer.

Bloom - Reminds me of MAC’s Sushi Flower. Bright pop of coral neon pink, great color for the crease.

Birch - Matte mustard brown

Second Row:

Cinder - I feel like of all the shades, this one wasn’t really needed.It’s super similar to Teak (at least on my pale ass skin). Mid tone shimmery brown with gold undertone.

Twig - The ultimate color for the crease!! Muted grey brown.

Teak - Darker brown with gold shimmer

Dystopian - This color is the Easy to make it super dramatic, or it can be blendt out into a more everyday look. Matte cool tone brown/black.

Cyborg - Sparkly silver!

Slate - A true matte grey.

Noir - Blackest matte black

Sultry swatches

Sultry swatches


ABH also makes a few other palettes -

Modern Renaissance - The OG palette! This was her first, and you can tell she got it right the first time since she’s used a few of the shades (Tempera, Burnt Orange, and Cyprus Umber) in Soft Glam. I recommend this one if you love pinks/burgundies.

Norvina - A beautiful purple based palette that ABH’s daughter, Norvina curated. You’ve probably seen her on Insta, she’s been coined the Queen of Purple for her bright purple hair. Check out the #norvinapalette if you’re ever looking for some purple inspo ;)

Subculture - This gives me total mermaid vibes. From rich greens, purples and blues this has A LOT going on. I’m thinking this one may be my next purchase!

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