How I Get My Makeup To Stay All Day

For my birthday, the whole crew went to NOLA! It was a blast but definitely put my makeup to the test! When we’d head out, we were doing stuff pretty much all day and into nighttime, so had to make sure my look would last through that southern humidity! I follow the steps below almost daily - it’s my tried and true way to make sure my makeup stays through a bayou cruise or pilates ;)


Good skin starts with proper skin care. Make sure you’re on a regimen that suits your skin and addresses your skin type. This scrub is my favorite to slough off any dull skin and give you that baby soft glow ready for makeup.


Like any good paint job, you want to make sure you have a smooth primed canvas. Same thing with your skin! My go to primer fills in any pores and gives a nice smooth surface for makeup to adhere to. This is especially important for those pesky areas like around your nose where makeup can migrate and start to look off.


How you apply your foundation makes a difference. I’m a big fan of damp sponge or dense foundation brush. Whatever you do, do NOT use your fingers. I’ve seen some articles saying this is okay but as a former makeup artist it never looks as good. To see the difference of proper application do what I call the “mirror trick.” In a well lit area, apply 2 drops of your foundation. Use your finger to blend one drop out and a brush for the other. One of the first things you’ll notice is the color. The natural oils on your fingertips will transfer and begin the oxidation process for any foundation. You should be able to tell almost instantly. Second, you’ll notice how much easier it is to blend using a brush. Just trust me, your makeup will look better and last longer using proper tools!


To wrap it all up, finish with a light misting of your favorite setting spray. I’ve been obsessed with this one lately.

Sarah BagamanComment