Everyday Soft Glam

Hi guys!

I think that at a certain point, most women develop an everyday go to makeup look. The look that can work for so many occasions and can easily transition from day to night. If you don’t have this, no need to panic! What I share below I hope helps you define your own everyday process that you’ll feel confident with.


Steps and Products Used

  1. After cleansing with Boscia’s Tsubaki Cleansing Oil Gel and moisturizing with Murad Essential C (on super discount now too!), I apply Benefit’s PoreFessional smoothing primer. I love this one! It smells delicious and makes your skin baby soft.

  2. Next I apply my Chanel’s Vitalumiere Aqua foundation in 20 Beige. I feel like it’s a hot topic in the beauty world on when to apply foundation - before or after eye shadow. I’ve always been a fan of applying foundation BEFORE as it really creates an even canvas, especially in the harder to blend areas around the eyes (I know, unpopular opinion!). Any fall out can be prevented with these shadow shields or a quick swipe of a brush before concealer is applied.

  3. I then move on to priming my lids for shadow with Laura Mercier’s clay based primer in Linen. This has got to be one of the most popular primers out there and for good reason! It leaves an alabaster canvas which not only helps your shadow stick, it gives it an extra pop.

  4. Then it’s on to the difference maker…BROWS. I swear my face would just be one big circle without ABH’s products. Using her Brow Powder, I’ll line just the bottom of the brows and gently blend upward. I then go in with Brow Whiz and fill in any sparse areas and carve out the top of the brow. The key is to use a brow brush to move hairs upward, you’d be surprised by how much LESS product you need simply by taming your natural brows to stay in place.

  5. Next, it’s time to carve out that crease honey! I’ll start by blending Vanilla under the brow, focusing on the outer edge. Next using a fluffy brush, blend Soft Brown into the crease. My general rule of thumb - when I think it looks blended enough, I keep blending a little more. You can never have eyeshadow too blendt. Yes, I said #blendt. Last, I apply Bare Mineral’s Queen Phyllis to the lid. This is seriously the most amazing etherial shimmery gold I’ve ever used. It’s loose powder so a little goes a long way!

  6. NARS Larger Than Life eyeliner in Via Veneto is applied on the upper lash line. For this look I kept the line SUPER thin. I’m talkin just enough to blend into the lashes thin.

  7. Once I feel good about the shadow, it’s time for concealer. I apply Laura Mercier’s Fusion Ultra Longwear concealer under my eyes, chin and a little in between my brows for brightening. I’ll use a damp sponge to blend.

  8. Time to BAKE. Despite somehow managing to always spill some powder on my vanity this is still one of my favorite steps in this whole process. I’ll generously slap on some Laura Mercier Translucent powder under my eyes (key is to bring it up past the end of your brows), jaw and chin. Let it sit.

  9. Back to the eyes, I’ll go back in with NARS liner and line the lower lash line and smudge out for a lasting effect.

  10. Falsies applied! I’m a big believer in buying strip lashes in bulk. Honestly, my Ardell drugstore lashes have lasted longer than some luxury brands!

  11. Once baking is done, I take my fluffy Chanel powder brush and swipe across my face dusting in the setting powder.

  12. NARS blush in Conquest (limited edition, matte pale peach) on the apples of my cheeks.

  13. Tarte contour powder in Sculpt carved in, also helping make me less of a circle.

  14. And for the grand finale, I use a sponge (yes a sponge!) to apply highlight, Lit by Tarte. I like my highlight to be borderline blinding so I find this method the best for a more pigmented application ;)

  15. Okay I lied, the actual grand finale is setting it all with MAC’s Fix Plus in Rose and Buxom’s gloss in Pink Champagne.

PHEW! Did you make it through each step? I hope this was helpful.

What do you guys think? Should I do a video tut for this?


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