Skincare That's Worth the Splurge

Great skincare can be hard to find. There are so many products out there - all with varying promises and price tags. While I am ALL about finding beauty bargains, I’m definitely not opposed to paying for premium products that actually work. Below are a few of my favorite luxury picks, tested out by yours truly. Not only will these give you major #topshelfie vibes but your skin will thank you too. Hope you enjoy! xo


111Skin Space Defense Bright Eye Lift Gel

What It Is - An eye gel that instantly depuffs, smooths and brightens the under eye area. This cream also helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles with their NACY2 formula.

How to Use - I use this 2x daily, morning and night. I’ll apply this after my depuffing rollerball and use my ring finger to gently apply.

*Pro tip - Always use your ring finger to apply anything around the eye (creams, primers, liquid shadow etc). Since it’s your weakest finger it applies the least amount of pressure and tugging on the delicate skin around the eye.

Packaging - The packaging is pretty sleek and looks fancy af. I love how it has a pump. Much more hygienic than compared to jars. Only downside is you can’t tell how much product is left…

Texture/How it Feels - It’s instantly cooling and quick absorbing. It has a very light pleasant scent as well -

Results - Very few other products have given me instant gratification and results like this. I remember the first time I tested this at Saks. I was actually there just to pick up my perfume. The SA convinced me to try some on since she had been demo’ing it on every appointment that day and was amazed by the results. Also let me preface that it was the end of the day and the bags under my eyes were poppin’. I was SHOCKED by how my under eyes instantly looked tighter, less tired. I almost bought it on the spot but opted to wait to do more research on this brand first.

Overall - After more research I was impressed with that I found. 111Skin is founded by a London based cosmetic surgeon - so they have a clinical approach to their products. A little bit goes a long way, like half a pump is all you need for a use. This eye cream is the for anyone who concerned with puffiness and brightening of the eye area.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Rose Cleansing Balm

What It Is - A rose scented cleansing balm. Made with rose and mimosa waxes plus 9 essential oils, it’s like a superfood cleanser for your skin. It also doubles as an intensely moisturizing mask when left on the skin.

How to Use - Apply to dry skin and thoroughly massage all over face and neck to dissolve makeup and impurities from the day. After I wet my hands and then massage again to emulsify the balm. This creates a light lather. When I feel like I’ve gotten it all off, simply rinse and voila! You’ve got clean well fresh feeling skin. All you need is about a blueberry sized amount of product!

Packaging - It comes in a circular jar with a little spatula which makes it nice and easy. The spatula scoop is the perfect to get juuust the right amount of product.

Texture/How it Feels - The texture is what you would likely expect - firm and gel like, but dissolves into a liquid easily once it’s massaged into the skin.

Results - Using this balm is the first step in my cleansing ritual. I double cleanse (more on that here) and this is balm is usually the first step in my nighttime regime. It leaves my skin feeling supple and clean - not overly stripped or dry. I have dry skin already so this is v important.

Overall - LOVE this balm. I’ve tried several and this one is the most well rounded imo.

What It Is - A super rich, ultra moisturizing face cream. There are a few variations of this formula including the original La Mer balm, the soft cream (like whipped texture), lotion and a gel. So no matter your skin type there is an option that can work for you! I go back and forth between the original formula and the whipped cream depending on how much moisture my skin needs. The main ingredient is their patented Miracle Broth - which is an algae based formula that touts all the powers to transform your skin. I was skeptical at first but man THIS STUFF IS GOOD.

How to Use - A little bit goes a long way! I take about half a pea size amount and warm up between my fingertips. Gently press into skin and bring down to neck and chest.

Packaging - The packaging is truly iconic. Not only is it bougee and instagrammable, it’s also petite and doesn’t take up too much room on its shelf.

Texture/How it Feels - The OG formula is thick. Like real thick, almost like a balm. It emulsifies easily and easily glides across the skin. I also love the scent - it’s clean and refreshing feeling.

Results - I’ve used this on and off for years. Every time I pick up using it consistently I always wonder why I stopped. After just a couple uses what I notice first is that my pores will look smaller, tighter. I know it’s physically impossible to shrink pores once they’re stretched out, BUT since this lifts and plumps my skin it gives the illusion of more airbrushed, baby pores. It’s also intensely moisturizing so helps my poor dry skin out tremendously. Never has my skin glowed more than after using this cream consistently.

Overall - It’s definitely a splurge but totally worth it. I recommend trying a sample of a couple different textures before taking the plunge on which one to invest in.

What it is - An intensive facial exfoliant.

How to Use - I usually apply this in the shower so I can really get to scrubbing. On clean, damp skin apply a pea size amount and exfoliate all over your face and neck. I try to scrub for at least 30 - 45 seconds before rinsing. Really gotta make the most out of it, you know?

Packaging - This comes in an easy to use tube. Only thing that would be better is if had a pump instead. You know how I am about things being quick and efficient to use!

Texture/How it Feels - One of the most intensive scrubs I’ve used (in a good way!). It has tiny micro - scrubbies that polish off dead skin cells but without being harsh or too scratchy.

Results - Despite the intense exfoliation, this leaves my skin feeling comfortable and soft. It has jojoba and aloe vera to help calm the skin. This is the PERFECT prep for makeup - it will leave skin baby smooth.

Overall - At first I was thinking “really Sarah you’re going to spend this much on a face scrub??” After using almost a full tube I am hooked and will 100% be repurchasing. It’s worth every penny.

What are your favorite splurge worthy products?

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