Summer Fridays Review - Jet Lag, Overtime and R&R Masks


Let me just start by saying I admire what Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores have created - they’ve built such a unique brand.

By now you’ve probably seen these pretty little pastel tubes all over Instagram. They have become total Insta candy and have acquired a cult following of skin care junkies and celebrities alike. With all this hype, of course I was curious how the products would actually perform. Below are my honest reviews for each mask, enjoy! xo

Jet Lag Mask

The OG of the trio. I will admit, when I first purchased this mask I was skeptical. I was worried it was overhyped and didn’t think a moisturizing mask would really do more than what sheet masks or oils could, BUT was pleasantly surprised by the additional bonus it gave for my skin when used in conjunction with my current routine.

What it is A creamy hydrating face mask that targets dull, dry skin. Key ingredients vitamin C (brightening), vitamin E (moisturizing), arginine (vital protein for skin) and sodium hyaluronate (helps skin hold moisture). This is best for dry or combination skin. I can see it being too much for people with oily skin unless used in select areas like the under eye area.

Texture 4/5 Creamy, but not too thick. I usually apply masks with a brush to get the most bang for my buck since it’s easier to apply with less product used.

Results 3/5 This mask feels and smells good - the peppermint oils give it a pleasant tingle during application. I left it on for a little longer than suggested, because ya know, being extra ‘n all. After washing it off my skin felt comfortable but not as moisturized as I expected.

Overall 3.5/5

Repurchase? Maybe, likely not though. Truthfully, this mask could be great for travel to give an extra boost but I personally didn’t see a big enough impact to continue to use long term. It’s beautifully done just not one of my holy grail products.

Overtime Mask

Honestly this was the mask I wasn’t so sure of! I didn’t think my skin would see a big change since I’m already such an exfoliation fiend however this really gave a nice boost! What’s great about it is that it is not over drying - I can see all skin types using this. This was the one that really surprised me in a good way!

What it is An exfoliating mask to help with brighten and smooth tired skin. Key ingredients are pumpkin (AHAs to help exfoliate), apricot seed powder (anti inflammatory & firming), and beta carotene (minimizes free radicals). It has a grainy texture with micro beads that helps to gently exfoliate. I like that the beads are small and really polish the skin. It’s recommended to leave this on for 10-12 minutes, but I could see it being left on a little longer for those that have a higher tolerance for exfoliating products (both chemical and physical in this case). The scent is cinnamon-y which I personally like! I also recommend using this before a shower if possible - it’s easier than doing so over the sink so you can really buff in before rinsing off.

Texture 5/5 Grainy scrub like texture. On the thicker side but still easy to apply.

Results 5/5 Instantly my skin felt softer and smoother afterward.

Overall 5/5 Like I said, I was pleasantly surprised with this scrub! I can’t think of much I would change to it.

Repurchase? Yes. Love this mask! I’m going to convince my hubby to start using this one too (should I do a blog post on how to convince SOs to use more skincare?!)

R+R Mask

What it is A nourishing mask that helps to gently exfoliate while gently mositurising skin with botanical oils. It’s almost like a combination of Jetlag and Overtime masks, only in theory though, because the texture is very unique for R + R. Key ingredients are Vitamin C (brightening), Argan, Safflower, Sesame and Grape Seed Oils (to nourish and moisturize), and Rose Flower Powder (polishing).

Texture 4/5 The only reason this doesn’t get 5/5 is because I would want MORE of the rose flower particles. There is a decent amount already, but think it would be good to have more so it can have a similar effect as the Overtime mask with the micro scrubbing capabilities.

Results 5/5 Unlike the Overtime mask, I actually recommend you use this over the sink and DO NOT rinse in the shower. This will prevent the excess oils rinsing off. When you rinse, gently pat a towel over the face to ensure that oils can stay on the skin. One of the key benefits of this mask is the light kiss of oils it leaves behind to hydrate and give you that glow, this was what I noticed right away was the glow it gave!

Overall 4.5/5 Despite the slightly lower rating compared to Overtime, this mask is definitely my favorite of the three. It feels and smells like a spa day in a tube. The only thing I would want more of is the rose particles for exfoliation, other than that wouldn’t change a thing, just gimme more!

Repurchase? YES 100%!

Sarah BagamanComment