Louis Vuitton Neverfull Review MM vs. GM

Louis Vuitton is one of my all time favorite brands. They are well known for their high quality products and simplistic designs. On trend while still classic and timeless. There are few brands that still do this well in my opinion.

If you saw on my Insta Stories, I recently had an amazing customer experience at the LV store in Union Square. One of the side straps on my Neverfull GM had broke after only a couple months. You know that feeling when your manicure gets messed up on the same day? It’s like that feeling but 100x worse. Nothing, I mean NOTHING is worse than investing hard earned dollars into a bag to have it break so soon. Obviously, it was a traumatic day *le sigh*

So, as I walked across downtown San Francisco with my broken baby clutched to my chest, I was curious how LV would help me. Since the bag was still so new, I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to pay for repairs. Much to my surprise, they replaced the whole bag, no questions asked! The whole process was so easy and they were very understanding…so naturally I wanted to do some shopping (count on me to always find a reason). The SA was lovely and so fun to shop with (go see Roxanne!). I also ended up getting my sister her birthday present and a couple other cosmetic travel cases I had been eyeing. I needed them okurrr!


Today I’ll be breaking down everything you need to know about both the MM and GM sizes. There is also the PM, which is the smallest of the three. I don’t think the PM is worth it unless you’re super petite, frankly I think I’ve only ever seen two people carrying it. If you’re going to get a Neverfull the MM or GM is more bang for your buck.

The Neverfull is iconic and worth the investment if you are looking for a tote you can use time and time again. Not to mention, the resale value on these is incredibly high. I’ve sold three of my LV bags in the past and they definitely keep their value! Rest assured the Neverfull will always be in style.

There are different materials including the Epi Leather Denim, Epi Leather, Monogram, Damier Ebene and Damier Azur Canvas. Each have varying price points and different options for the interior color. All Neverfulls also come with a matching pouchette that can be used as a wallet or wristlet clutch.

Side by side comparison of the Neverfull MM and GM

Side by side comparison of the Neverfull MM and GM

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM - $1,320

This size was the first Neverfull I ever owned - I got the white Damier Azur Canvas with the beige interior back in 2014. I LOVED this bag. I have since sold it because I wanted a darker material. The leather aged beautifully and the bag went with everything. My Damier Ebene MM (pictured below) is the perfect work/errands bag and what I would classify as a true medium sized tote. It can comfortably fit a lap top, wallet, sunglass case, makeup pouch, brush, a book, and much more. It really does feel like it’s never full.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM - $1,400

The GM is the most recent addition to my LV collection. This bag has the exact same characteristics as the MM, except is much bigger. I find myself using this bag more during the work week because it really fits EVERYTHING with room to spare. It fits what the MM does plus a change of clothes for the gym, a jacket and whatever else I need to carry with me for the workday. This is also a great weekend bag - it’s very spacious. The GM is also the ultimate carry on bag. I’ve brought it with my on a few flights already - it fits nicely under the seat.

Unless you need to carry a lot with you, the GM can be a little big for just running errands. The Sales Associates usually do not recommend the bag for daily use if you are shorter than 5’5. It can tend to look too big for more petite ladies - and I have to agree. For reference I am 5’7.


  1. Sturdy AF. These bags last forever. Since they are made of a durable canvas with leather trim, they’re also easy to clean. I’ve owned a few Neverfulls over the years and have really put them through the ringer - all still in great shape. The leather ages beautifully overtime.

  2. They really are never full. Seriously guys, they truly fit everything. Whoever created this design knew exactly wtf they were doing.

  3. Adjustable side straps. All Neverfull sizes have adjustable straps on the side. This allows you to essentially change the shape of the bag, making it more compact. Perfect for travel!

  4. Versatility. Name an outfit that a Neverfull wouldn’t look good with…I’ll wait :) But really though, they are perfect for errands, for work, for travel, for shopping, a diaper bag, you name it!

  5. Timeless. Since its creation in 2007, it’s developed a cult following. It’s considered an iconic bag and will always be in style.

  6. Lifetime guarantee. When you buy luxury items, they tend to offer excellent customer service. If anything ever happens to your bag, they will take care of it for you - case in point my recent experience with my GM!


  1. Lack of interior pockets. This is a common complaint I’ve heard about the Neverfull. Personally I do not have issues with things getting lost - but there are TONS of purse organizers out there that can help keep things tidy.

  2. The cost. Like any luxury handbag, it will come with a hefty price tag. It’s important to remember though that you’re buying a quality item, not a cheap bag that will likely break in a few months! Since luxury brands usually increase their prices 10% each year, the resell value is amazing especially if you take care of your bag. I’ve had great luck with reselling and usually recoup 75% of the original purchase price.

How to find one at a discount

I’ve had good experiences both buying and selling my luxury bags through consignment. You can find some amazing pre loved bags for a great price, some that are barely worn! Make sure you go through a certified vendor that will authenticate and insure your item. My favorites are TheRealReal, Fashionphile and Ebay.

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