Did it All for the Gucci - Marmont Small Shoulder Bag Review

Soo I did a thing last week… treated myself to a new Gucci Marmont! Real talk, I just got a job offer at an amazing company and start there soon. (Soo excited!) By now, you all know I’m no stranger to treating myself and can come up with just about any justification for it! I had been eyeing the Marmont style for a looong time and was really wanting a white bag for Spring. So the Gucci Marmont made perfect sense!

Usually I buy most things online…literally almost everything. BUT for luxury purchases I particularly love the in store shopping experience - because who wouldn't want a little champagne while they try on Gucci? I stopped by the Union Square store in San Francisco. The SA was lovely, attentive and friendly. She encouraged me to try on other styles to make sure I was making the best choice.

I am a BIG fan of designer handbags. Personal taste aside, buying luxury bags is such a good investment. Almost every designer increases prices each year (on average about 10%) which can be hundreds of bucks for some items!

I’ve had great luck with reselling my luxury items (and also buying through consignment!). There’s a big market for it, plus it’s way better for the environment and helps fight the “fast fashion” cons that come with trends.

Style - 5/5

Price - 3.5/5 This is so relative, especially for designer brands. By no means is this bag inexpensive. It really comes down to how often you plan to use. I plan to use this as my primary bag outside of the work week, so it will get lots of use!

Durability - 3.5/5 This specific color and material is not the most durable. I fully knew what I was getting myself into with not just a white bag, but calfskin. It’s very delicate and can pick up other dyes easily so it’s basically a purse baby at this point. To me, it’s worth it, but would recommend a darker color if you don’t want to worry about it! The hardware and zippers are amazing quality. They are rock solid. The stitching and lining is beautifully done - so no worries there!

Versatility - 5/5 This purse can be worn with everythingg! Weekend brunch, girls night out, a wedding, you name it. Although on the smaller side, it can hold a lot of of stuff! (iPhone X, sunglasses case, keys, a few lip glosses, compact mirror and I still have some space).

Overall - 4.25 This bag is simply amazing, no surprise I think it’s 100% worth it!

Things to consider -

  • If you get a light colored bag, there is a risk for dye transfer from dark denim. If this stresses you out too much, I recommend getting the black or dark brown colors so it doesn’t show.

  • Protecting your investment will pay off in the long run! If you’d ever consider reselling in the future, little things to protect your bag can go a long way. For example, using a leather protectant, not carrying heavy or bulky items too often, and storing in the dust bag/box, will pay off in the end. For all the bags I’ve resold, I’ve been able to get at a minimum 75% of the original purchase price. It adds up guys!

  • Not only have I sold several bags through consignment, I’ve also purchased a couple! Sites like FashionPhile, TheRealReal and Poshmark provide authentication services and insurance for all luxury purchases. Definitely do your research first to find a bag that market value and in good shape.

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