As If by Nassif Review

Hellloo babes! Today’s post is all about Dr. Paul Nassif’s new skincare line as|if by Nassif. You may recognize Dr. Nassif from his hit show, Botched or from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. He’s a world renowned plastic surgeon who recently celebrated the launch of his skincare line. The whole concept of as | if is to help clients achieve #prettyfilter skin (sans the filter of course!). All the products are considered clean beauty - they do not contain phthalates, mineral oil, lanolin, formaldehyde or parabens. It’s also 100% cruelty free which I love. The line tends to marketed more towards millennials and gen Z due to the fun naming conventions and skin care concerns they address. Overall this is a great for someone who is looking for simple but effective skincare regimen.

Today I am breaking down my thoughts on each step of the process. As always, opinions are my own and stick to the ethos of Bae Area Beauty.


Step 1: #GETWOKE Exfoliating Cleanser + Mask

The standout star of the line!

What it is A multi purpose cleanser/mask. It gently removed my makeup and left my skin feeling refreshed and clean, not stripped at all. It has a light scent - the best way I can describe is light like green tea or what you’d imagine a spa to smell like. Not overpowering at all.

Packaging 5/5 This comes in a cute little tube. Not only is the packaging adorable and chic looking, this perfectly dispenses the product very easily and will allow for me to get all of it out. Inefficient packaging is always my pet peeve!

Texture 5/5 It’s a little on the thick side, being that it’s clay based this makes perfect sense. It also contains tiny micro scrubbing beads that also gently exfoliate.

Results 5/5 This removed my face makeup and left my skin feeling fresh.

Overall 5/5 This was my favorite step of the kit, I’m always a sucker for anything multipurpose so love that it can be used as a mask and cleanser.

Step 2: #AREWECLEAR Skin Refining Essence

What it is A refining essence. Packed full of peptides that help refine the look of pores and prevent breakouts.

Packaging 4/5 Packaging for essences can always be tricky. They aren’t quite as thick as serums where a pump makes sense, but not always super liquidy like oils that require a dropper. This one came in a plastic based container that you simply pour our the product on your hand.

Texture 4/5 Compared to other essences I’ve tried, this one is on the thicker side which I actually prefer. A little bit goes a long way - you only need a few drops. It would be a great day time moisturizer for someone who has oily skin.

Results 3.5/5 This is more suited for an combo/oily skin and believe it would give noticeable results. While this felt nice on my skin, it’s main purpose is oil control and since my skin is on the dry side I wasn’t blown away.

Overall 4/5 Perfect for a combo/oily skin type! This can also be used alone for light hydration on days when you’re feeling more oily.

Step 3: #YOUFEELME Hydrocream Moisturizer

What it is A lightweight hydrogel moisturizing cream that can be used day or night. The final step in the starter kit although you’d still want to finish with an eye cream or oil to seal everything in.

Packaging 4/5 Pretty standard here! It came in a cute little jar. It looks great on my vanity - really no complaints or strong feelings on this one.

Texture 3/5 The texture is whipped and fluffy. It kinda reminds me of whipped marshmallows if I’m being honest. Despite what’s recommend, this did not work for me as a day time moisturizer. While my skin felt moisturized it left behind a slightly sticky feeling on my skin. I prefer my moisturizers to feel absorbed into the skin but still leave behind a light feeling of hydration. I would have a hard time layering makeup on top of this if I’m being totally honest!

Results 3/5 My skin felt moisturized, however no strong feelings positive or negatively on the results.

Overall 3/5 Honestly this is the step that I would probably swap for my other moisturizers. It didn’t give me a negative reaction or anything, it just didn’t wow me. I really wanted to love it as much as the other steps!

From left to right - cleanser, essence and moisturizer.

From left to right - cleanser, essence and moisturizer.

Thank you Dr. Nassif and the as|if team for gifting me these beautiful products for today’s post!

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