Brighter Beginnings with Erno Laszlo

Hi babes! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. I was over the moon excited for this collaboration with Erno Laszlo. EL is the real deal guys. They’ve been around since the 1920s and were all the rage with celebrities like Marylin Monroe who swore by her Laszlo regimen. Back when I was working for Chanel - my counter was right next to Erno Laszlo and let me tell ya - Laszlo fans are loyal AF! Such an iconic brand, and after testing out their stuff I can understand why.

When EL reached out, they kindly offered for me to select which products would address my skin care needs. SO, since I’m all about brightening and exfoliation (always on the quest for glass skin y’all) I chose their brightening beginnings kit. After one use I was hooked. They are a clean beauty brand and cruelty free too!


Pore Refining Detox Double Cleanse

What it is A powerful cleanser that is meant to take the place of your double cleanse. Ideal for anyone who wears makeup daily (like me!) or someone who wants a deep, thorough cleanse.

Packaging 5/5 Comes with a pump top (love a good pump) so it’s easy to use.

Texture 4/5 This is unlike any cleanser I’ve used before - it has charcoal beads incapsulated. The charcoal beads are suspended in the cleanser gel and only when you dispense it does the charcoal burst ensuring they are in their freshest form. It’s kinda weird and different, but I like it. It works.

Results 5/5 I was not expecting this to remove all my makeup but was pleasantly surprised, it even removed my liquid liner with ease! Like SHOCKED. Even some cleansing oils don’t remove makeup as easily but this took everything off and my skin felt comfortable and hydrated after.

Overall 4.5/5 This is going to be a repurchase for me. Not only do I love the concept, I’m all for any cleanser that takes off everything but is still gentle on my dry skin.


White Marble Dual Phase Vitamin C Peel

What it is A two step exfoliating vitamin C peel. First, you use the vitamin C packed scrub (for physical exfoliation) and buff into the skin for 3 minutes. It’s important to really go to town and get in there with your scrubbing. For step 2, you will use the peel on top of the scrub and continue to buff into the skin for another minute. Once you’re done, rinse and voila! Baby smooth glowing skin!

Packaging 4/5 The only reason this isn’t a 5/5 is because of the jar container the scrub comes in. It’s super thick so it’s probably tough to out it in another form of packaging but would be nice not to need a spatula. Not a deal breaker at all, I will still happily use it every time spatula or not!

Texture 5/5 I love everything about the way this feels. The scrub portion is very effective but not to the point where it beats up your skin. The scrub emulsifies slightly once you start buffing into the skin and the scent is so refreshing and light, like tangerines.

Results 5/5 One of those products that once you use it you can instantly see the difference. My skin was bright and bouncy feeling and not at all stripped of natural oils.

Overall 4.5/5 This was my favorite product of the whole set. I really can’t say enough good things about it. While the price tag is a not cheap ($100) it’s well worth it. The amount in the jar is quite generous and can easily last at least 4-5 months with consistent use.


Antioxidant Complex for Eyes

What it is A lightweight antioxidant eye gel.

Packaging 3/5 Giving this a 3 because I prefer pumps for any products where it makes sense. Since this is such a lightweight gel, a pump could totally work but due to the cool little DNA looking complex that’s suspended in the gel, having it jar isn’t the worst thing. They provide a small spatula as well.

Texture 5/5 Super light weight but intensely hydrating.

Results 5/5 After using this for just a week, my eye area is already looking more hydrated and less puffy. Fine lines are diminished too.

Overall 4/5 Another fantastic Laszlo creation. It’s amazing by itself but it can also be layered with another eye cream if you need.


White Marble Cleansing Oil

What it is A gentle luxurious cleansing oil that removes makeup and impurities.

Packaging 5/5 You guys already know how I feel about a sleek bottle with a pump ;)

Texture 5/5 Not too thick, not too runny - really balanced texture for this one. There is no fragrance which is great for anyone with allergies to scents.

Results 5/5 Wicked off all my makeup super easily without stripping my skin. Kinda the trend with Laszlo, right?

Overall 5/5 There’s nothing I’d change! This is a wonderful cleansing oil and the perfect first step for anyone who double cleanses! More on that here.

Multi Task Eye Serum Masks

What it is A hydrating eye patch that helps to brighten and smooth the under eye area.

Packaging 4/5 My only wish is for the packaging to be more eco-friendly. These come individually wrapped. It’s close to impossible with these types of masks to come in one big jar but a girl can dream!!

Texture 5/5 Okay, I’ve talked about this before and love when sheet masks have a good grip to them. You know, the kind that really stay in place? THESE HAVE THAT GRIP!

Results 4/5 Of the stack of eye patches in my bathroom, I find myself reaching for these the most frequently. They get the job done and at a v reasonable price point too!

Overall 4/5 A must have item for all seasons and occasions. When in doubt, always mask it up!


Thank you to Erno Laszlo for graciously collaborating on today’s post! The Erno Laszlo team sent me these products for testing purposes in exchange for my honest review. As always thoughts & opinions are my own and stick to the ethos of Bae Area Beauty.

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